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Our Companies

DeGesh eMedinfo

eMedinfo is a digital technology company that provides a secured platform for medical information globally. The company’s platform keeps, tracks and provides all medical information, such as registration of patients, patient's health records, and patients bills management, via online and a mobile phone app. It is managed by a group of business developers, startup coaches, entrepreneurship educators and new technology commercialization experts. The company’s website is Demedinfo

DeGesh Fertility

DeGesh Fertility is a consultation company that has collaboration with a set of reliable and tested fertility clinics in the United Kingdom. The company enables people to have their babies through better understanding of infertility, advising them to take affordable and reliable steps, and reducing their costs of fertility treatments. The company is managed by experienced fertility, nutritional and information technology experts. The company’s Facebook page

DeGesh Flexwallet

Flexwallet is digital company that provides fast, easy and reliable payment platform for people in the developing countries. It is presently operating in Nigeria. It is managed by a group of business developers, young serial entrepreneurs and information technology experts. It has a mobile phone app where people can do the following:
  • Pay electricity bills.
  • Top up phone airtime & internet data.
  • Pay education bills.
  • Renew TV subscriptions.
  • Check WAEC,NECO & NABTEB results.
  • Register WAEC, NECO & NABTEB Exams.
  • Buy quality insurance coverage.
  • Transfer money.
  • The company’s website is Flexwallet

DeGesh Farm Products and Services

DeGesh Farm Products and Services is a manufacturing company that produces African dried foods, specifically Nigerian foods. Its products consist of Beans powder, Maize powder (Ogi or Akamu or Koko in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa languages respectively), Plantain flour, Yam flour, Crayfish powder, Pepper powder, Melon powder and Cow-skin. Also, the company is collaborating with a Finnish company to producer renewable fertilizers. The company’s Facebook Page

DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship

DeGesh Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (DITE) is a registered institute in Finland and Nigeria. Its main goal is to provide vocational and innovation competence for youth in developing countries. It provides all necessary support for incubating and commercializing of new business ideas. It has local and international networks. The company’s web is DeGesh Institute

DeGesh Consults

DeGesh Consults employs digital technologies and practical experience of its team to provide essential services for technologists, software developers, engineers, scientists, and laypeople to achieve their business dreams. Its main aim is to be with the people with vision so that their dreams can come true. The company provides a set of logics through the following services:
  • New technology or innovation analysis
  • Market analysis for new technologies or innovations
  • Technology commercialization process support services
  • Start up consulting
  • Entrepreneurship coaching
  • Business tests consulting
  • You can enjoy one of free services of the company through this web: Business Test

DeGesh Fashions

DeGesh Fashion is subsidiary of DeGesh Companies. It designs, produces and distributes different products that include clothes, shoes, sex, health and cosmetics products. The company's Facebook Page

DeGesh-Leo Publishing

It designs, produces and distributes different printing products, such as books, souvenir and packages. It also designs private and company's prochure, fliers and billboards. The company's Facebook Page

DeGesh-Gift Leather Works

It designs and produces different kinds of leather products such as shoes, slippers , sandal, bags, wallets and belts. The company's Facebook Page

DeGesh Investment Services

It offers money transfer, bill payments, daily contribution and advanced contribution for entrepreneurs. The Company's Facebook page

DeGesh Technologies

It offers innovative platforms for different industrial sectors. It also developsa and commercializes innovative solutions. The company's Facebook page

DeGesh Education & Tourism

It helps people to get admission and their visa to study in the UK, Canada, and Finland. The company's Facebook page

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About us

We are a group of businesses that provide services and products which make people comfortable and enjoy their life and work. Our services and products focus on conveniency, comfortability and affordability. We operate in the United Kingdom, Finland and Nigeria. We have networks across the global and we engage in different development projects.

We are consisting of business developers, startup coaches, entrepreneurship educators and new technology commercialization experts. Our team has PhD and MSc holders with more than 10 years of working experience. Also, our team members are serial entrepreneurs, and they belong to different professional bodies as Fellow and Associate members.

Our Vision

To be the best conglomerate company offering sustainable, comfortable and affordable products and services in medical, education, transportation, construction, fashion and agriculture sectors.

Our Mission

•To incubate and commercialize new products and services that are sustainable, comfortable and affordable. convenience, comfortability and affordability

•To manufacture household materials with high quality and international standards.

To provide services with edge-cut technologiesTo provide services with edge-cut technologies.

Our Values

•Focus on customers.

•Take actions.

•Determine to deliver.

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